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Stoughton location of Kozy Nuk Cafe

  Stoughton location only.

Welcome to Kozy Nuk Deli, your go-to destination for delicious hot meals on the go. Designed with busy individuals in mind, our deli caters to contractors, businessmen, and anyone seeking a quick and satisfying meal solution. Whether you're pressed for time or cooking for a smaller household, our menu features a variety of hearty options to suit your needs. From savory hot meals to convenient grab-and-go items, we've got you covered. Additionally, we take pride in offering a selection of local products sourced from surrounding towns, ensuring that every bite supports our community.

Feel free to print the deli order forms we have provided.

Tuesday Pasta Bar

Wednesday Stir Fry Bar

Thursday Breakfast Bowl

Friday Burrito Bowl

Saturday Picnic Plate

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